I am very thankful for the counselling I received from Berit Christian Counselling & Training. I came back from the mission field wounded, tired, lonely and distressed. It was a season in which the Lord had removed all comfort so that I would cry out to Him and allow Him to work in my life.

Through counseling with Berit I was refreshed; I learned to know myself better, my personality, my limitations and my needs. I was able to explore how my family and cultural background affected the way I viewed my world and circumstances. With June's help I learned to understand and communicate the source of my frustrations and the address my debilitating circumstances. I was allowed to express my emotions and frustrations without being rejected, still learning to take steps of forgiveness in difficult situations.

Through studying the book "Boundaries" I learned to know where I begin and end, where my responsibilities begin and end, when to say "yes" and how to say "no", to myself and to others, in the different areas of my life.

I really appreciated my counsellor's sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit about how to help me best, the needs that I had and the confrontation that I needed. With Berit I experienced guidance, friendship, fellowship and reassurance. My counsellor was able to see in me what I couldn't see and encouraged me to use my experiences to comfort others with the comfort I had received. I took the counselling training that Berit provided, and that motivated me to look more into the helping profession. I am currently studying a degree in pastoral counseling, which I hope to use in helping other cross-cultural workers in the different stages of their career and the different roles they play in ministry.

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