I had been in the mission field for many years when finally I burned out. I was so tired that my mission recommended that I take one year out. I went to Costa Rica and the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. I was thinking of quitting, and I didn´t know how to pull myself together. I was taught that if I read the Bible and prayed, I would feel much better. And for years that approach helped me a lot, because I do love to read the Bible and pray, but on this occasion I felt like everything was dry.

So I went for counseling with Berit Christian Counselling & Training and they helped me to understand things that were happening in my heart and in my relationship with the Lord. So after my time in the counseling room, I realized that the tool Berit was using, Biblical Counselling, was something that our church in Mexico needed very badly. So after praying about it, Berit taught me counselling and their Biblical Counselling Model is something that now is used in counselling people here in Mexico because it puts together the Bible teaching and the procedures to help people to find an answer to situations that are weighing them down.

I do recommend this model as an effective tool to serve the people of God.

Mirna Sotomayor

Career missionary


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