Berit aims to promote Christ Centred Counselling in two ways: through Christian Counselling Training Courses, and through their Counselling Service, based in Kirkcaldy, Fife. If you are considering Christian Counselling, you will want to know the counsellors underlying worldview. Berit believes:

We are made in God's Image

The foundation of our worth is solid – God's opinion of us. There are many important aspects to who we are. Two of these are found in the first two chapters of Genesis. In Genesis 1:27 we see mankind as made in God's image, and Genesis 2:7 tells us that God gave us His breath:

Thus, we are unique in God's creation, as we comprise of two things, dust and divine breath. Adam and Eve had the privilege of spending time with God talking. One wonders why God, who had just created the earth, would want to discuss anything with Adam. Yet he did, and he still does want to talk with us. Such is the importance he places on us.


God is personal and interested in a relationship with us

 Ps 56:8-11 describes God as involved in our lives, he sees our worry and he knows exactly how many tears we have shed. More amazingly, the Psalmist declares 'this I know, that God is for me.' What peace comes from knowing God is on your side.

 Ps 57:2-3 further describe His interest in us assuring us he has a purpose for our lives and he will achieve it.


These verses, and many others, describe God as knowledgeable about our life situation and willing to act on our behalf. Indeed, they go as far as to say that God actually has plans for our lives, so involved is he. More still, he desires good for us sending us, not holding back, his love, kindness, goodness, peace, and security. All these are included in the meanings of the words 'steadfast love' and 'faithfulness'.


The Bible is God's revealed will to us

Can we really find answers to our problems in the bible? Berit believes that the Bible contains principles and directions that apply to all our lives. We can rest in the knowledge that the God who is intimately acquainted with our lives and has plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11), surely has a means by which to communicate those to us.


2 Tim 3:16-17 declares that we can find all we need in the Bible for 'teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness'. 2 Peter 1:3-7 goes further telling us that God has given us His power to be able to live godly lives. That we can, through Christ, 'become sharers of the divine nature' is awesome. When we live in the reality of this we can work at resolving our problems.

These scriptures make it clear that the Bible is God's resource for us to find guidance when we face difficult situations in life, or to determine a healthy lifestyle. However, there is more. He has actually given us all we need to live a healthy life by giving us His nature. The aim of Biblical Counselling is to help you discover and benefit from what God has already given you.

I hope that this brief talk on these verses helps you realise that Counselling which is Christ Centred and Biblical is essential when one is looking for help. It can often be a daunting to make the first appointment and come for Christian Counselling. Berit understands this fear, as they believe a key element they offer to counselees is understanding, compassion, and grace that comes from their own experience in working through problems in their walk with God




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